Rona Binay

Designer, art director—focusing on visual identity, brand expression, environmental graphics and interactive experiences.

Selected Projects
  1. OfficeUS Atlas 
  2. 1stDibs
  3. C&B East Village
  4. Prada, Social Media
  5. Prada Wallpaper
  6. Raoul’s Bakery
  7. Arper
  8. Sotheby’s Digital Signage 
  9. ALSO! Identity
  10. the Paris Review 
  11. The Diner
  12. An Ode to NYC
  13. Collages

Work Experience (2011—)
Local Projects
Benjamin Critton A.D.
Ana Kraš
Natalie Jeremijenko
Birsel + Seck
Building Istanbul

Pratt Institute, Graphic Design Senior Project

Visiting Critic
Pratt, Senior Thesis
Pratt, Graphic Design Intensive II
Parsons, Core Typography
Parsons, Typography Lab
SVA, Information Graphics

Selected Clients
Prada, GQ, Lincoln Center, Sotheby’s, 1stDibs, Arper, Calvin Klein, Conde Nast, Adidas Originals, Samsung, Google, Data & Society Research Institute, the Paris Review, Storefront for Art and Architecture, Surface Magazine, Wanted Design


The Diner, Milan Design Week

Continious 10ft collage from iconic diner scenes from movies and tv. Application is printing on acrylic — becoming a lighting fixture across the space of pop-up diner with Surface Magazine and Rockwell Lab in Milan Design Week.

Partner-in-charge: Susan Sellers
Design team: Yenwei Liu, Raoul Gottschling, Barney Stepney
Project Manager: Gala Delmont-Benatar
Typeface design: Raoul Gottschling
Designed at 2x4

Postcards from iconic films set in American diners.

Reservoir Dogs
Pulp Fiction
Bonnie & Clyde
Blue Velvet
2 Guns
Hell or High Water
When Harry Met Sally
50 First Dates
Identity Theif
Taxi Driver

Buffalo '66
500 Days of Summer
Pulp Fiction
Groundhog Day
Iron Man 2
City of Angels
Stick It
Iron Man 2
Mad Men
Benny and Joon