Rona Binay

Designer, art director based in NYC—focusing on visual identity, brand expression, environmental graphics and interactive experiences.

Selected Projects
Office US Atlas
Sotheby’s NY
Designed at Medium
Prada Epicenter 
Prada Social Media
C&B Bakery
Raoul’s Bakery
Diner Milan
the Paris Review

Work Experience (2011—)
Apple (Currently)
Local Projects
Benjamin Critton A.D.
Ana Kraš
Natalie Jeremijenko
Birsel + Seck
Building Istanbul

Visiting Critic
Pratt, Senior Thesis
Pratt, Graphic Design Intensive II
Parsons, Core Typography
Parsons, Typography Lab
SVA, Information Graphics


Prada, Social Media


A series of iconography for Prada’s Instagram account, used from 2019–2021. All categories are represented by a family of Prada’s signature triangle mark.

The 12 categories include: Out Now, Sound Of, Arrivals, Inside, Pradasphere, Model Journey, In Print, Spotlight, Spotted, Runway, Fondazione, BTS.

Designed at 2x4
Team: Sung Kim, Rona Binay, Jieun Rim, Anna Kulachek, Nancy Hong



Out Now

Sound Of

Prada Group

Model Journey