Rona Binay

Creative director based in NYC—focusing on visual identity, brand expression, environmental graphics and interactive experiences.

Selected Projects
Office US Atlas
the New York Times
Sotheby’s NY
Diner Milan
Prada Epicenter 
Prada Social Media
Arper: Sustainability
Arda Yeniay
Designed at Medium
C&B Bakery
Raoul’s Bakery
the Paris Review

Work Experience (2011—)
Apple (Currently)
Local Projects
Benjamin Critton A.D.
Ana Kraš

Visiting Critic
Pratt, Senior Thesis
Pratt, Graphic Design Intensive II
Parsons, Core Typography
Parsons, Typography Lab
SVA, Information Graphics


C&B Bakery

Rebranding for C&B cafe/bakery, which is located on the corner of Tompkins Square Park in East Village. C&B opened by chef/baker Ali Sahin in 2015. 

The branding elements use bold and clean typography with the use of colors; black & white. The logo uses the Mabry’s playful letters “C” and “B”; accompanied with a customized ampersand. 

The leaf mark, which was part of the previous branding is simplified and vectorized for multiple uses. The leaves are originally traced from the iconic tree at Tompkins Sq Park by Ali when he first opened C&B and felt that it was an important part of the branding.

Typefaces: Mabry Regular, Monument Grotesk